Supreme x The North Face ‘S’ Logo Parka: 2020’s Must-Have Streetwear Collaboration

Supreme x The North Face ‘S’ Logo Parka: 2020’s Must-Have Streetwear Collaboration

A Deep Dive into the Supreme x The North Face Parka

Unveiled on October 30th, 2020, the black Supreme The North Face Parka marked a significant moment in the fashion calendar. This exclusive piece was a part of Supreme’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection, specifically its Week 10 release. For those in the loop with streetwear drops, this collaboration was much-anticipated and did not disappoint.

The Cold-Weather Companion

This isn’t just any regular winter jacket; it’s heralded for its exceptional warmth and is designed for those who don’t just face cold but confront it head-on. The North Face didn’t hold back when describing this parka, dubbing it their “warmest jacket ever.” For those questioning the veracity of this claim, a review on The North Face’s website offers some perspective. One intrepid adventurer noted the jacket was even “too warm” for summiting the icy peaks of the Himalayas. If it’s overkill for the world’s tallest mountain range, it’s guaranteed to keep you cozy in less extreme conditions.

Distinctive Design and Branding

Visually, the parka is a testament to the harmonious blend of Supreme’s streetwear aesthetic and The North Face’s commitment to functional fashion. The jacket doesn’t shy away from showcasing its dual heritage: both brands’ logos are proudly displayed on the right arm. However, what truly sets it apart and screams ‘Supreme’ is the oversized ‘S’ logo that dominates the left side. It’s a statement piece, not just in warmth but in style.

Price Point

The blend of functionality, style, and brand power comes at a price. Upon its release, the Supreme The North Face Himalayan Parka retailed at $698 USD. For many, this might seem steep, but for aficionados of both brands, it’s an investment in a piece that encapsulates the pinnacle of streetwear and outdoor apparel collaboration.


The black Supreme The North Face Parka from the FW20 Week 10 release isn’t just a piece of clothing; it’s a symbol of where high-fashion streetwear meets ultimate outdoor functionality. Whether you’re a mountain climber or a city dweller looking for the warmest and most stylish winter wear, this parka has got you covered.

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